The industry’s leading independent Provably Fair verifier

Our free service allows players to verify the integrity of the online games that are driven by a Provably Fair RNG.

How it works

A Provably Fair RNG allows players to participate in the shuffling of the deck using a “Player Seed” that can either be created by the player or generated using aspects of the player’s browser.

After the deck is shuffled using the “Server Seed” generated by the game server, the deck is shuffled once again using the “Player Seed” and the final order of the deck is determined.

At the end of a hand, the Server Seed will be revealed in a proper Provably Fair RNG.

Our verifier independently shuffles the deck using both the provided Server Seed and Player Seed, then checks that the order of the cards dealt match the order of the deck after shuffling, thereby verifying the integrity of the deck and game.

Our service also allows players to manually enter both seeds to verify and we also provide integration services with game providers globally, allowing one-click verification from within the game.